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I’ve named my bike Bianca. She is blue with a few nice orange rusty accents.  She has one hand break that works decently well, which also makes a lovely high pitched squealing sound when I use it. She has a neon green bell twist tied to her handle bar which doesn’t work, but fortunately she makes a low grinding noise when I pedal so people can hear me coming up behind them anyway. I’m taking her to get her chain/breaks oiled tomorrow, hopefully it doesn’t take away too much of her character.

We found out that Thursday here is ‘Student Night’ because a lot of the Dutch students go home for the weekend. We are pretty glad we don’t have Friday classes because we would probably never get to them. We went to ‘Cafe De Dop’ again this Thursday, which is where we usually end up if we go to the city centre. They play more mainstream music there, where as if you stray to the smaller cafes it is mostly Dutch music. Their general bar theme seems to be drinking things out of really long straws. Every night I’ve been there, I’ve seen some sort of intricate chugging contest through 5 foot straws. I google translated ‘De Dop’ to see if it means ‘Giant Straw’ or something like that but it doesn’t.  This week it was ‘Happy New Hair Thursday’ which is exactly what it sounds like. They offer to cut, dye and other wise change your hair in exchange for a shot. Aside from the possibly bad decisions we witnessed, it was a great night. They even played a dance mixed version of Cotton Eye Joe. I’m not sure anyone in the bar was more excited than Liseanne and I.

Stephan (<–Sold me Bianca) and Rafael invited Liseanne and I to come with them on a road trip to Maastricht for Karneval yesterday. At around five the four of us headed out in Rafael’s little car, with a big bag of carrots, a jar of pickles and booze. Apparently having open alcohol in your vehicle in the Netherlands is legal, as long as the driver isn’t holding or drinking any of it. So Liseanne, Stephan and I cracked a bottle and took a ton of pictures of us drinking and dancing in the car, just because we could. It took us about two hours of drinking and dancing to get there. We found a huge concert going on in the middle of the city, where some famous Dutch singers were performing. One of them looked just like Fabio, it was spectacular. For the rest of the night, Congo lines were our main source of transportation around the city center. The streets were packed with people dressed up in all sorts of costumes, the confetti was so thick you couldn’t see the street. We bar hopped for a couple hours, then ended up in this very crowded bar. We met another group of exchange students from all over the place studying in Maastricht, so we hung out with them for a couple hours (We found another Canadian from Queens University!). It was around 4:30 in the morning when we convinced Stephan, who could have gone for another two days, that it was time to head home. Rafael was a great designated driver (FYI for my concerned family ), but our ride home was a little less enthusiastic than on the way there. I hit my pillow at about seven this morning.

Today we slept and watched a lot of MTV and Animal Planet.

🙂 Love for now,



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