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Relaxing in Avignon!

We trained to Avignon the next day. It was my birthday! I found out that day that my train to Florance from France was full on the 3rd. It was full all week under my rail pass. I had to pay in cash, and take a train two days later. I think I really make the ticket guy feel sorry for me , because he gave me an awesome first class sleeper car for dirt cheap. Awesome!

Àvignon is so beautiful. Mom booked us into the cutest bed and breakfast EVER for my birthday. It was the most beautiful little place I’ve ever stayed. The room was so lovely, we had our own little patio and the breakfast was great. We went to a little Vietnamese place the first night for my birthday dinner. That may seem a little weird, picking Vietnamese in France, but I hadn’t had Pho in 6 months.

Avignon is a walled city, so the center is separated from the rest of the city by an old beautiful wall. There is a huge Palace of the Popes, with a beautiful garden in behind it. We shopped, sat in the garden, fed ducklings at the duck pond, and just relaxed for a few days.
I assured my mother that since I was now 21, I could fend for myself for two days in the cutest city on Earth. But, because she is my mother, and I don’t really think she believes me, she decided to leave on the 5th instead too.

We said bye to Maxxie on the third, and relaxed in Avignon for another two days together.

When I left and trained to meet Lise and the guys, I realized through two days of traveling alone, how lonely I might have gotten by myself in Avignon. I was pretty glad my mom stayed to hang out with me!

More soon, Love,

Ashley Lynn


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