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A couple days before we left for Amsterdam I asked Liseanne what hostel we were staying in. Her response was ‘I think it’s called the Easy Access’.  My initial thought was that I promised my dad I would try not to get sold into the sex trade. I made Liseanne look it up when we got home, and our hostel was actually called ‘The Meeting Point’, I felt much better.

We ended up catching a ride to Amsterdam with a couple French guys.  Liseanne, Courtney and I were booked into ‘The meeting point’, and John was booked into a different hostel about a block away. The street our hostels were on was one block off of the red light district. It was great and the location didn’t really make me feel uncomfortable. There were lots of police presence and tons of people at all hours of the night. Our street was lined with ‘Coffee Shops’ and quick food to go places.

The red light district was sure a different experience. It’s pretty much just a two block strip along one of the canals with lots of red lights, sex shops, sleazy theatres and women standing behind windows. The most amazing thing about it is it’s the only canal in the entire city with swans in it. If you walk along it at night there are hundreds of beautiful swans filling the canal, with the harsh red florescent lights in the back ground it looks surreal.

Our first night we went to a little pub called ‘Sally’s Saloon’ where we drank and played pool all night. It was filled with native North American art and played only country music.  It was a gem.

The next day we met up with Bob, another one of the Canadians, and we toured the city. We dragged the boys through most of the high traffic shopping streets and a few of the markets over the next couple days.

It was nice to see a big city after living in small town Vlissingen. The clubs were a refreshing change from the small selection at home. I don’t want to tarnish my upstanding reputation with anyone in my family (haha), but we did visit a coffee shop while we were there, and had an authentic Amsterdam experience.

We met up with Dan, who is a friend of Liseannes living in Amsterdam and also the boyfriend of Erika who we stayed with in London, on Sunday. I convinced our hostel front desk guy to let Dan and John into our hostel bar to watch the hockey gold medal game. So there we were, Courtney, Liseanne, Dan and I (The Canadians), John (The honorary Canadian) and 8 Americans. Beer was drank, smack was talked and after we won, bragging ensued. It was fun.

At the end of the weekend we said our goodbyes to Courtney and hopped on a train back to Vlissingen. Over all Amsterdam was fun. 

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