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Leaving Vlissingen!

Been more than a month, sorry!

I’ve been pretty busy. We hadn’t done any homework all semester and it really caught up with us in the last couple weeks. While rushing to finish all of our final projects we also had to study for our exams. I literally hardly left my apartment for two weeks. We got such bad Cabin Fever we dragged one of our tables outside and had a homework party in front of our ghetto apartment. Its funny here the instructors are pretty vague and you’re never quite sure what is going to show up on the exams. It was pretty different than anything back at home, but I did pretty well in all of my courses.

Lise’s boyfriend Ryan and his friend Zack came out to see us for our last few days in Vlissingen. Lise convinced Ryan to fill his carry on bag with red Dixie cups (Don’t have them here, or any cups even close to the same size) and when he got here we hosted a beer pong party. It was tons of fun, and everyone loved it.

I went to Jan’s house for a family birthday party a couple days ago. It was quite a bit like our family gatherings, a little smaller and not quite as loud or obnoxious, but pretty awesome also. I am definitely missing my fam jam, so it was nice to have something that compared to Friday drinks at grams.

The world cup is a pretty big deal here. In my neighbourhood every time anyone scores in any game there is like a five minute stream of horns in celebration. Its sort of awful after awhile. Since Canada doesn’t have a team, by default I think I’m cheering for Holland. Being a registered citizen and all, it seems like the right thing to do.

I’m pretty sure everyone knows by now, but I’ve decided to stay another semester in Vlissingen for sure, so I’ll be home sometime in January! (Yay, only half a Calgary Winter)

I packed up my apartment yesterday. Most of my stuff and Bianca are crammed inside a small bike locker in the depths of Hercules Segherslaan building number two. The rest of it will be riding on my back for a couple months. These next two months are going to be quite an experience, just going that long without having a home base to go back to and not having anywhere that you feel completely relaxed. I have a feeling the key to avoiding stress and home sickness will be just to take some time to myself every couple weeks. Maybe a day of no plans, just wondering.

Anyway, we’re on the train right now from Vlissingen to Paris. I’m meeting my mom and Max on the 23rd in Paris and we’re going to hang out for 10 days! I am excited!


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