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Back In The NL

I`m finally cracking down and doing some school work. Projects are due and exams are coming up shortly after we get back from Spain.

There it is, the first mention of school work since I left.

I love living by the ocean.

I went to a Sangria party this weekend, and unknowingly ate pineapple out of the bottom of my cup for a couple hours before I realized it was Pineapple. …Still alive, and without reaction. Yay.

The Iceland ash cloud grounded quite a few of our friends in foreign countries last week. We’re hoping everything stays clear before/during our Spain trip! Fingers crossed.

Its starting to warm up here. It hasn’t rained once since we got back from Greece, which is lovely. The flowers are starting to bloom. I’ll post some pictures of Vlissingen soon. I need to start bringing my camera places with me.

Yay Monkey Puzzle Tree in Vlissingen!

More soon. Love,



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Paradise Beach. Literally.

We took a ferry over from Santorini to Mykonos. It was only a couple hours, and we actually had seats, which was much more comfortable than our trip from Piraeus to Santorini.

Mykonos was also beautiful, but in my opinion wasn’t quite as nice as Santorini. The sidewalks in Mykonos start and then just randomly stop, so you’re left walking along the shoulder of the highway. I also saw two dead kitties, which was awful. The town was cute, but not quite as nice as Fira. The beaches and nightlife in Mykonos were however, much better.

On our second day we hopped on a bus that took us to Paradise beach. It was beautifully sunny and hot out, there was a bar right on the beach that had big palm leaf umbrellas and loungers under them.

The drinks were reasonably priced, so we spent the next three days glued to our loungers sipping wine. We were done sightseeing and exploring, the beach was a perfect change of pace for our last couple days.

Love for now,


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Island Living on Credit

We made it to Santorini by booking our ferry tickets and studio through Liseannes Visa. After our studio picked us up, we found one grocery store in the next town over that took credit. It was a long but beautiful walk, we made it back to our hotel with enough food, water and wine to last us for a few days. What else do we really need?

‘Reddish Party Wine’ — We actually bought this.

About 20 meters outside of our front door there is a beautiful black sand beach. There are tons of stray dogs here, and they just sort of follow you around everywhere.

The next morning we tried to catch the bus to Fira, but everyone here is on island time, so it didn’t come. The bus stops are also just a picture of a bus on a sign in the middle of no where, no numbers or time schedules. It was kind of hilarious. Instead we caught a ride into town with the guy who runs our hotel…it wasn’t as sketchy as it sounds. Promise.

The National Bank in Fira let us overdraw Liseannes credit card. It took us ahile, we pulled a number when we got there, 488 and the number they were on was 327. For an island with such a low population, there sure seemed to be a lot of people at the bank. So we hunkered down on the floor and listened to my Ipod.

Fira is beautiful and built on the side of a cliff. After we got some cash, we climbed through the town and had coffee at a little cafe at the top. Two stray dogs decided to be our tour guides for the afternoon and walked a few paces in front of us for two hours. They even stopped and sat outside shops when we went in.

There is an active volcano right off the coast of Santorini, so we booked a small tour that took us there and let us hike around the island for a couple hours. After, they stopped near some hot springs and let us jump off the boat and swim to them. They were more like…warm springs, but it was nice to swim in the ocean anyway.

We explored the island on our last day. We found three wineries, and too many pottery workshops to count! I felt like my mother after I spent an hour picking pretty little rocks on a beautiful beach we found when we got lost.

The guy at Anny’s recommended we go to Pyrgos for Good Friday. We went later in the evening and the town was packed. The locals spread lanterns all over the rooftops of the city, and when they get out of their evening service they light them all. (And by that, I mean they give a pack of 15 year olds blow torches and let them loose on the thousands of metal tins full of gas) It was amazing! Heres a picture from a website, because all of mine sucked.

We somehow got caught up in the procession line (It was hard not to, it was huge). I’m quite sure they knew I wasn’t a Catholic. The little old ladies on the side of the road seemed to aim at me when they threw their holy water.

They had some fireworks there too. I noticed a pretty big difference in the way they light them in Greece. Instead of planting them somewhere, lighting the fuse and running away, they give them to twelve year olds, light them and let them hold them facing upwards. It was different…

We headed home afterwards, smelling like popuri and lemons. We ate at the little restaurant next to our studio, where they encouraged us to stay all night by bringing us free pitchers of wine. It was very fun, and made packing up my stuff later that night less organized than I would have thought.

Love for now,


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